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Our Cheap Open MRI ($400 Contrast Free) Offers the Best Medical Solution

Benefits  of  A Cheap Open MRI ($400 Contrast Free)

First, our Cheap Open MRI ($400 Contrast Free) offers a great MRI. With your doctor's order this remains the best offer in town. Cheap often means paying less than the deductible of a hospital MRI.

The IAC requires yearly review for certification. We do this. Every year. High quality imaging is our standard too.




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Open MRI for Less 584-6852




All MRIs actually show hidden injuries.

The Airis II, not only produces a great image, but also meets all safety standards. Why Contrast Free? Because we understand no one likes to have things injected.

With clear thinking we can avoid putting contrast into your body. So if you want a "contrast-free" experience we can do studies without contrast. Your ordering physician may require contrast. We work with most doctors. You should know there may be long term problems resulting from contrast exposure.


Best Solution to See Your Problem

Our Great Staff Shares Your Safe MRI Journey

Nationally Accredited

Second, we have great Doctors. Our medical director helped the Deparment of Radiology as acting chairman at the University of Louisville.  The leadership and attention to detail happens.  More than 90% of our patients move through the study they need. Fully licensed and board certified personnel help you thru your study.

Above all else, we enjoy talking with you. We want to share your emotional journey through our MRI. We want to be sure that what you want and expect actually happens.

Reports withing 48 hours

We send reports from Board Certified Radiologists  to you and/or your care provider. These usually take 1-2 business days. We have a physician available in house if you do not have a physician.

What to expect during our Cheap Open MRI...

Finally,our staff can  help you choose your what study you need.  As youmove thru  your Cheap Open MRI ($400 Contrast Free) experience  lots a questions get answered. We know how to make each specific study comfortable and really work for you.

Another point, only you or your designated physician will receive copies of the report. No information ever gets reported to any insurance company without your express written permission.  And you get the simplest and least expensive mri to make your diagnosis. The findings on the MRI gets reported to you personally when we order the MRI study.

We are IAC certified for musculoskeletal, brain and spine. This, for years continues as the highest level certification possible.

Things we have diagnosed in private...

Of most importance, in complicated settings we help.  Open MRI for Less  makes important diagnoses.

  • torn ligaments across joints;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  •  brain tumor;
  • herniated disks;
  • spinal stenosis
  • intracranial aneurisms.

Knowing that you do not have these can improve your sense of wellness. On the other hand, sometimes getting an mri can turn the weight of evidence in procedural matters. Keeping this information private remains your choice when you pay for these medical services. Even that you visited remains private.

801 Barret Ave Ste 103MRI

Louisville, KY 40204

Open MRI for Less 584-6852