Open MRI Louisville $400 Cash

Cheap Open MRI  but great quality study...

Our images of brain, joints and spine are nationally certified by the IAC-MRI.

We expect cash/valid-check because we do not spend your money explaining to insurance companies why you need this study.

Need an Open MRI?

Just bring your Dr's order to us after you have scheduled the MRI and your payment.

ICA certifies Open MRI for Less

The IAC sets national standards for MRI imaging. This prestigious organization applied these standards to Open MRI for Less and approved.

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Open MRI offers An Airis II


Wonderful, Peaceful Environment for an Mri

We charge $400 for an unenhanced scan (30 minutes without magnavist intravenous injection). We charge and extra $150 for the injection (takes 30 minutes more).

If you do not have an order, then our on-campus physician will examine you and  help you determine whether an MRI will be helpful to you for $100 additional. We provide a standard readible disk and written report.

All our radiologists and physicians are board certified. We have a full time specialty trained and certified mri technician. We have RN and LPN support to help make your experience comfortable. In general because we are smaller we offer added kindness and efficiency that can only come from a private mri.

Complete Privacy Assured

We report results only to whom you specify. You do not have to report to anyone the results when you pay for the results yourself. You need to know that when a study is paid for by your health insurance the results are shared by all insurance companies. Do you trust every insurance company and our government to keep your medical information safe? We keep physical records without Web connection. We keep all our reports in secure computer physical disks that cannot be accessed through the web. We can, if you specify, process the study anonymously.

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