Open MRI for Less- $400 in Louisville 584-6852

Open MRI For Less -$400

An Open MRI comfort experience study for $400.

Our spacious and comfortable unit helps you get the study they need. Fully licensed and certified personel help you thru your study. Reports sent to you and/or your care provider. The perfect MRI for you with your doctor's order. If you do not have one we have a physician available to define the need for your mri with added charge. We are IAC certified for musculoskeletal, brain and spine, the highest level certification possible in the our United States.

Open Mri for Less provides a comfortable and private experience.


Precise studies show your problems with your knee, shoulder or spine. Licensed mri technologists help you relax. The studies will help you decide how to move forward. Only you or your designated physician will receive copies of the report. We report no information to any insurance company without your express written permission. We offer the simplest and least expensive mri to help you get your diagnosis.


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