IAC helping MRI imaging with standards and guidance

Most noteworthy, Open MRI for Less has applied for and received accreditation through the IAC helping MRI imaging with standards and guidance.

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our Airis II continues

to provide simple and reliable service for diagnosing traumatic injuries. Hundreds of patients each year enjoy the integrity of Open MRI for Less. The support and guidance from the IAC continues to be cherished on a daily basis. We see that the standards defined by the IAC consistently identifies what is ideal for imaging and patient care.

First, safety begins with documenting processes ranging from limited access to coded entry ways. Such planning prevents accidental exposure to the low field magnetic system within the Airis II. The screening of patients with multiple personnel assures that no one is likely to be injured. The actual MRI machine is housed within a large Faraday cage to eliminate any extraneous radiowaves. Consequently, we can maintain ideal signal to noise ratio within the machine requires intense high speed calculations.

Medicare and Medicaid accept IAC Accreditation

The IAC continues to grow in its capacity to help mri facilities deliver better and safer services Over 14,000 MRI sites receive their certification from the IAC. With certification from the IAC any specific site can reasonably expect to be approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services and most insurers. The IAC with many employees develop continuing education and guidance materials like the one listed here.

All staff are licensed. The physician radiologists report their continuing education with each re-certification. All are board certified by American College of Radiology. Full time staff includes a licensed radiologist technician with 20 years MRI experience. Nurses triage and manage patients pre and post mri.

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