Medical Privacy Preserved

If privacy is dead, you still want your medical privacy preserved!

Let Open Mri for Less offer a quick and private solution.

You want to know why you have back aches, headaches, and joint pain.

Knowing the correct medical terms to describe a joint pain allows you to choose what to do next. We charge less than the deductible at most hospitals.

Having a modicum of medical privacy means you choose who gets to know you even had a test. If have a mis-diagnosis in your past, you know you cannot change your insurance based medical history.

And you have no control over what a bank sees when you take out a loan. Do you really want to share everything with a third party thinking about a joint venture? If you have  joint pain or headaches,  Open MRI for Less can show you exactly why it hurts. Finally, you get to decide how you treat or even ignore the words.


Can you keep any part of your life private?

First, HIPPA  assures that just about every provider has complete access to your aspect of your medical and private life. So if you have a problem, Big Data keeps it on record forever. In this day and age, big brother means Big Data. All your medical studies get centrally processed and stored. A malicious hacker needs no reason to publish hacked information. And you will never know who does not want your medical privacy preserved. Do you really know which insurance companies share your  medical information through interlocking insurance databases?

Second, our MRI has no physical connection to any insurance company or governmental agency. Our images stay here, unless you say otherwise. We provide digital copies of the actual mri to you.  And  if you so desire  we can give you a report or send it to your privacy sensitive physician.. Your mri data becomes of a small new world of medical privacy preserved.

We offer simple and great mri experience, keeping it private. We help people … because we find peace when we do.


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